Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vintage Glamour

When it comes to the most important element of any fabulous party, for me, it always comes down to one thing: the perfect outfit. Whether you are attending/hosting a wedding, a cocktail party or a luncheon, special occasions, in my opinion, nearly always call for a special party dress (or at the very least, a special accessory). Timeless Vixen boasts an amazing assortment of vintage dresses, many of which have a fun, flirty 1950’s feel and yet manage to come across as modern at the same time. Like most vintage clothing retailers, their prices vary, according to each piece. For those with thin wallets, browse their adorable and affordable day dresses. For those looking to splurge, view their gorgeous evening and wedding dresses. Either way, you are bound to end up with something completely unique, completely beautiful and completely green.

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