Monday, February 8, 2010

Gifts of Love

Whether you are married, engaged, just starting a relationship, or a single girl out on the town, Valentine’s Day is an inspired time of year to share small tokens of appreciation with friends and loved ones. During the entire month of February, I’m known for handing out heart-shaped candies to nearly everyone who crosses my path and for hiding handwritten Valentine’s around my apartment for my boyfriend to stumble upon. If you plan on hosting an intimate V-day dinner for two, a lunch for your closest girlfriends, or any shade of cupid-worthy party this week, consider celebrating your love with some of the adorable gift ideas below (all of which would also serve as romantic favors or gifts for a wedding or any other special occasion.)

Keep love in full bloom by offering your Valentine a packet of seeds adorned with a personalized note.

Instead of heart-shaped candies, offer your guests these sweet, handmade soaps.

Why give a gift that will be thrown away? Give thanks to your favorite chef with a trio of patchwork potholders that she is sure to use for many months.

Enjoy a simple moment with a loved one while sipping a warm cup of tea.

African violets trimmed to resemble hearts are a quirky reminder of your love.

Any booklover is certain to cherish this heart-shaped bookmark, perfect for marking the pages of any great love story.

Recycle old ties by crafting them into feminine silk envelopes.

Cover all of your tasty Valentine’s Day baked goods in these lovely wax wrappings to make an even sweeter treat.

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