Monday, February 1, 2010

"Sweet" Hostess Gifts

Recently, a friend described a small party she attended. She offered the typical details – the beautiful flowers, the perfect play list, the tasteful décor. But one thing she really raved about was the small gift her hostess left for guests at their place settings. Instead of a small plaque or tacky looking candy dish, her hostess offered each guest a beautiful jar of organic honey to take home and enjoy.

Eatable hostess gifts are such a nice idea. Rather than give a small knick-knack that will more than likely end up in the back of a drawer or in a donation bag, offer your guests something they’ll actually use post-event (and in this case, eat and enjoy!). Select a unique variety, such as a beautiful deep brown honeydew honey (, pictured above), an amber macadamia nut blossom honey (, pictured above) or a rare white honey (, pictured above) and in the process, help to support companies that practice organic and sustainable agriculture.
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