Monday, February 22, 2010

A Sweet Parting: Organic and All-Natural Candies

Send your guests away from your big event with a little something to help satisfy their sweet tooth. Many candy companies now carry organic and all-natural lines of chocolates, hard candies and gummies that will make inexpensive favors for any special event. One company in particular is Sweet Botanicals. Sweet Botanicals specializes in confections that are free from added preservatives and instead rely on pure plant extracts to give their candies beautiful colors and unique tastes. In addition to their hard candies, which are uniquely shaped thanks to the use of antique candy molds, the company also offers sour jellies, candy canes, lollipops and a sugar-free line – all made using completely conscious ingredients. Set one small container of these delicious candies at each place setting. With eclectic flavors such as fennel, rose, elderberry and (my personal favorite) “hangover”, they’ll serve double duty: a small, extended thank you to each guest as well as an excellent icebreaker. 

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