Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DIY Favors: Mini-Terrariums

With all of the snowy days we’ve been having, I’ve been spending many hours indoors preoccupied with DIY projects that will help spruce up my apartment. This week, I’m working on a terrarium to set on a new console table in my living room. Though the terrarium I’m assembling is going to be in a container that is about 12-inches in diameter, I thought to myself this morning “wouldn’t a mini version of this be an adorable favor or self-standing centerpiece for a wedding or party?” What can I say: no matter how hard I try to avoid it, my mind, regardless of what I’m doing, always drifts towards the idea of a good party! A collection of small terrariums placed in the center of a table, along with perhaps a few soy-based candles, would make for a pretty and unexpected centerpiece for a dining table or for small pub tables during a cocktail hour. Already have your eye on a specific centerpiece style? Why not gather up your team of bridesmaids and spend a weekend afternoon together with a good bottle (or bottles) of wine for a terrarium-assembling get together? Place one mini-terrarium at every place setting as a beautiful living favor that will only add to the style of your tabletop décor.

What You’ll Need:
- A collection of clear glass votive holders and/or small rounded vases
- Sand
- Small river rocks
- A variety of miniature succulents


Fill each votive holder/vase with sand. On top of the sand, organize a layer of the river rocks. Then, securely place a selection of the succulents (preferably in varying sizes and colors) throughout the rocks (if needed, use toothpicks or thin needles to secure the plants). Once everything is in place, use a dropper to add a bit of water to your new terrarium (only a few drops are needed). 

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