Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bamboo Charcoal Body Bar

About a year ago, my boyfriend and I began purchasing bars of bamboo charcoal soap to keep at our kitchen sink. Because he is a chef, and because we are both constantly experimenting in the kitchen, we found that bamboo soap is a great kitchen staple. The soap is naturally anti-bacterial and because of its naturally occurring negative ionic charge, it eliminates icky food smells from your hands almost immediately. Fast forward to late January. While enjoying my coffee and browsing through the (endless) aisles of the NYC Gift Show, I met some (sincerely friendly) reps from the company EverBamboo who introduced me to their line of deodorizers and skin care products. Next time you are invited to someone’s home and are looking for an interesting spin on a traditional hostess gift, consider a set of the company’s bamboo charcoal face and body bars. The jet-black soaps are the perfect hybrid between classic and edgy with just a hint of masculinity. And since they are created using rapidly growing bamboo (i.e.: growth rates averaging 2+ feet daily), a natural deodorizer, your gift will be eco-friendly, too.

Photo: EverBamboo

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