Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eco Etsy Finds

Eco Etsy Finds
From time to time, I like to browse both Etsy and Eco Etsy to see what sorts of fun, new products I’ll stumble across. There have been lots lately, so I thought I’d put together an abbreviated list of some of my most recent finds/vendors.
Recycled Sail Purses and Luggage Tags
Throughout college, I frequently summered in Portland, Maine. There was excellent shopping throughout the city, but I’ve always remembered this one little shop that turned used sails into adorable handbags. These purses and luggage tags instantly made me nostalgic for a summer spent with rocky beaches, lobster rolls and good friends.
Vendor: Reiter8

Upcycled Bottle Cap Magnets
Over the weekend, I was (perhaps to my own unfortunate embarrassment) skimming through the pages of one of my Martha craft books when I found a fun project: turning used bottle caps into adorable magnets and “mini” frames. You can thus imagine my excitement when I discovered these Valentine’s Day-themed versions this afternoon.
Vendor: Beans Things

Dictionary Gift Tags
As a writer, I always adore finding any sort of decor that incorporates reading and/or writing into its design. These upcycled gift tags feature delicate dove cutouts atop of a circle cut from a dictionary page.
Woven Vintage Tablecloth
This woven cotton tablecloth reminds me of something I might find in a bin at Urban Outfitters, question whether or not it was adorable, purchase because it was on sale and then use until it literally became worn with holes.
Sea Glass Necklace
As a kid, I always loved to skim the beach in search of sea glass, which I would later wrap in wire and fashion into jewelry. I love this more grown-up version. The copper chain makes this necklace a little bit tough while the delicate cut out heart design makes it sweet, too.

Lavender Ring Pillow
A linen ring pillow filled with lavender is a simple, yet pretty (and calming) touch for any wedding ceremony. Each ring pillow is custom made so that you can select colors that will tie in with your wedding palette.
Vendor: La Pomme

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