Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recycled Décor

When planning a green event, it is important to purchase as many sustainably made products as possible. However, it is equally important to reuse as many items as possible in order to limit the amount of new products you actually need to buy.  Here are three examples of simple ways to reuse items you may already have (and if you don’t, they are easy to find at flea markets, garage sales, etc.) by transforming them into chic design elements.

Antique Keys

As strange as it sounds, I actually have a small box of antique keys, compliments of my grandfather. Here, the keys provide a (recycled) gothic, romantic vibe to an otherwise basic name card.

 Vintage Postcards

I often find stacks of vintage postcards hidden at the back of my family’s photo albums. Using clothespins, clip together a collection of postcards for charming vintage-inspired garland.


If, while walking through my basement or garage, I happened to notice an old wooden ladder or stepstool in a dusty corner, I’m not so sure I would pay it much mind. However, when coated with some fresh white paint, wooden ladders become a focal point for floating votives at an outdoor event.

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