Monday, March 29, 2010

Amazing Resource: Foodzie

Food tends to be a pretty big deal in my house. My love of entertaining frequently guides me towards interesting new culinary products that will inspire some sort of new themed party I'd love to plan. Additionally, my boyfriend is an executive chef, and thus, food tends to be the only thing that is ever on his mind. While many couples enjoy dates to the movies and the like, most of our couple adventures land us at local farmers' markets or browsing for (literally) hours at the nearby Whole Foods where we can explore and discuss all the new yummy products we can't wait to try.
It was my resident chef who introduced me to this fantastic resource last week. is a vast online marketplace where you can discover and purchase food directly from small food producers and growers. They feature everything from small batch coffees and teas to baked goods to produce and beyond. Not only would their website be the perfect "go-to" for your next dinner party shopping list, but many of their smaller goods, such as their honeys, jams and candies, would serve as beautiful (and inexpensive) favors for nearly any special event.
Photo: Foodzie

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