Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sock Vases

One of my favorite moments in comedy comes from Jerry Seinfeld’s early career. During one of his classic stand-up routines, Seinfeld tries to solve the mystery of the missing left sock (admit it: you know you have a drawer filled with random socks that have lost their mates). His conclusion: hidden inside dryers across America exists secret nightclubs where socks willfully enter, enjoy a little dance and then never return. However, after seeing these adorable vases, I’m thinking that all those missing socks skipped out on the nightclub and hitched a ride to their local florist instead.
These would be perfect decorations for a child’s birthday party, a baby shower or a similar affair. Rather than toss old socks, simply cut off their “toes” and slide the remaining socks over aluminum cans or small vases. Since the socks themselves are quite colorful, stick with a simple flower (such as the white daisy, as pictured below) to create an easy and playful collection of centerpieces.

Photo: Rachel Ray

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