Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tea Tin Centerpieces

A chronic tea drinker, I’ve been collecting tea tins for years. The bright colors on the tins as well as the often-ornate designs completely inspire me. And because many such tea tins are also decorated with foreign lettering (such as those that I occasionally pick up at my local Asian market), they suddenly make me feel as though I’ve embarked on some exotic adventure. Once I’ve finished the actual tea, I usually find small uses for the tins around my house (I especially love displaying them on my white desk as storage for loose pens and pencils). However, used tea tins also double as beautiful vases. Simply wash each tin with warm, soapy water. Then, make a quick liner for each tin by snipping up an old plastic grocery bag. Don’t be too fussy when choosing your flowers. Stick with one type of flower for each bin and embrace the intentional color contrast for a stylish, eclectic feel. 

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