Sunday, January 31, 2010

DIY: Printed Favors

Photos: Martha Stewart

Over the years, I’ve received my fare share of useless party gifts. Cheap jewelry rolls. A tin of gum marked with the couple’s last name. Sashes of ill-fragranced potpourri. Maybe it’s because I’ve been trained to have an eye for detail when it comes time for special events; but I have to admit that nothing demerits the classiness of a special party like seeing a paper tag that reads “Made in China” beside an elegant place setting.
I like the idea of gifts and favors that are both beautiful and useful. And so, with winter approaching (as well as my tendency to spend many hours indoors involved with creative projects), I’ve been considering fun ideas for chic, handmade gifts to pass out at parties this season.

Printed Journals
In a world overflowing with BlackBerrys, I find something very romantic about the idea of an occasional handwritten letter or note. For your next event, why not pick up some blank eco-friendly journals (these are a bit pricy, though they’re the perfect fit for the job: Once you have the journals, you can print a unique design on their covers that will blend with the theme of your event. Natural objects, such as leaves or dried seaweed, make excellent design patterns. Follow the link below for specific directions on how to easily and properly print your one-of-a-kind gifts (substituting journals for a tablecloth).

Printed Totes
Only a few years ago, carrying reusable bags was hardly a trend. However, today, you can pick them up in the grocery store, the bookstore, and even in some clothing stores. Why not embrace the green trend and create unique, printed reusable totes as parting gifts for guests at your next shower or birthday party? Just pick up some blank totes (here are some that are made in the U.S.A: and follow this link for specific printing directions (
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