Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Venue Alternatives

Reception halls, in general, are not exactly known for being green. Once each party is complete, the amount of electricity used for lighting such a large space and providing music and AC, as well as the amount of food that often ends up in a garbage bin and the numerous bottles that find their fate mixed in with the common trash adds up to be quite a massive pile of often unnecessary waste. However, where else is a hostess to turn when looking for a space to throw the party of the year?
There are many creative and eco-friendly venue options, especially during the spring and summer months. Consider a local farm, park or vineyard when shopping around for locales for your next special event. Or, as the couple seen in the pictures below did, choose to host a casual party at a local greenhouse. The space will provide the perfect scenic backdrop for photographs and you can rest easily knowing that your party helped to support local agriculture.

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